AAMA Connect Conference: Digital Media - The New Media Landscape

AAMA Connect Conference: Digital Media - The New Media Landscape


China will remain the growth engine for emerging Asia in 2017 albeit growing at a slower pace, except in the world of digital media and entertainment. Perhaps no other development in recent history has transformed the business landscape as much as the Internet in China, and a full spectrum of content choices are starting to become available. If there is money to be made in content, it will most likely come from digital sources. Chinese consumers spend more time consuming digital media than with any other medium. China’s rising middle-class is also trading up and beginning to prioritize quality and convenience ahead of price as they look to improve the quality of their daily lives.  

Just as gaming has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, China’s unique consumer appetite for content and services is developing exciting markets for new forms media and entertainment. In the next two years, access to broadband, internet access, IPTV, filmed entertainment, and digital advertising in China will continue to grow at an estimated 10.9 percent.  The emergence of premium content and delivery services is laying the groundwork for what looks to be a dynamic collaborative environment between Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Asia.  Thus, there is now a chance for a broader pool of content creators, creative talent, digital agencies, and new media platforms to integrate higher levels of brand engagement and entertainment for monetization.


AAMA Presents Connect Conference

The New Digital Media Landscape


Thursday, February 23, 2017 | 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Galvanize San Francisco
44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Join this exciting mix of content creators, producers, and tech executives from television, film, VR, branding companies as they discuss the advancement of Asia’s footprint in digital media and entertainment, and what new technologies are on the horizon for the industry between California and the East.



Bill Guttentag

Double Oscar-winning dramatic and documentary film writer-producer-director


Larry Namer

Metan Global Entertainment Group, former co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, Co-Creator and Producer of the drama series Love in Tiny Times, and The Bruce Lee Project

Eugene Chung

Film director and founder & CEO of Penrose, a startup focused on augmented and virtual reality; former Head of Film & Media at Oculus VR


Rocky Lee

International Partner, Head of U.S. Corporate Practice at King & Wood Mallesons, specializing in media, entertainment and technology sectors

Humphrey Ho

Managing Director at Hylink Group, China's largest independent full service digital agency


Vivian Wang

Partner at Sasson Capital Holdings, one of the first early-stage cross-border U.S.-Asian private equity funds with direct footprint in China


Allen Lu

Business Development for NBA Star Jeremy Lin; Founder of social enterprises TLMade and EPAMade


Michael Chang

SVP of Corporate Development at NCSoft West, where he heads up investment and acquisition activity.  NCSOFT is one of the leading online gaming publishers in the world


Ty Ahmad-Taylor
CEO and President of THX Ltd. which was acquired by Razer; former SVP of Product, MTV; former VP of Product, Samsung SmartTV; former VP Comcast, leading the charge to build multimedia experiences around the world through better sound

Ewan Johnson

Virtual Reality Creative Director at DMG Entertainment


Edward Chyau

Managing Partner at Mesh Ventures, an investment firm that leverages the engineering, manufacturing, research, and channel resources in Asia to accelerate the growth of disruptive early-stage companies.


Stephanie Yang

Communications strategist and PR expert in the technology and entertainment sectors with her own practice, Stephanie Yang Communications


Brady Forrest

Cofounder of Highway1, the premier hardware startup accelerator


David Lee

Chief Corp Development Officer at 451 Media Group


Norman Liang

Venture Partner at WI Harper

Alex Marinier

Venture Capitalist at DCM Ventures where he focuses on investments in the Mobile, IoT, and Consumer Internet spaces.


Jacob Mullins

Principal at Shasta Ventures where he focuses on Emerging Platforms including Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, connected hardware, robotics, AI, space and other emerging technologies



1:30PM - 1:45PM  Registration and Social Networking

1:45PM - 1:50PM  Welcome and Introductions

1:50PM - 3:15PM  Opening Keynotes
1:50PM: The New Landscape of Digital Content
The world has changed since the launch of the App Store. Since its debut in 2009, content, internet, and gaming companies now depend on the same platforms to deliver content. As the world has shifted from broadcast to digital, from scheduled content to on-demand, from subscribing to cable to subscribing to an app, these changes have disrupted how people think about their businesses from the licenses they sign to the content they make.
Ty Ahmad-Taylor, President & CEO, THX, Ltd
2:20PM - Market Overview
China’s growing demand for digital content and media is defining new forms of user engagement and entertainment. Hear from two leading experts on market trends and services unique to the market. Also learn how new rules and restrictions will impact new industries.
Norman Liang, Venture Partner, WI Harper
Rocky Lee, International Partner, Head of U.S. Corporate Practice, King & Wood Mallesons
2:45PM: Fireside Chat: Creating Digital Entertainment in China for the Global Audience
As the rivalry over paid membership in China intensifies with costs outpacing the growth of advertising, content providers are investing ways to seek alternative income. The emergence of online only dramas and new original formats will help fill the gap to spread across multiple platforms. Hear from an American pioneer in cable entertainment share his journey into Chinese Television, Film and the Internet. Learn why content creation with a 'Chinese-centric lens'  is not only great for content differentiation, but can foster a global talent with stories inspired from the East.
Larry Namer, Metan Global Entertainment Group
Vivian Wang, Sasson Capital Holdings (Moderator)
3:15PM - 3:50PM  Panel 1: The New Platforms 
With China experiencing a golden age of cinema driven by a massive demand for content, Hollywood and Silicon Valley have been pioneering the way we've been creating and consuming it.  Hear from insiders how traditional film and VR/AR is created and monetized, and how they will overcome the challenges of an ever-changing technology and media landscape, while finding success in a fast moving China market.
David Lee, Chief Corp Development Officer, 451 Media Group (Moderator)
Eugene Chung, Founder & CEO, Penrose Studios
Bill Guttentag, double Oscar-winning dramatic and documentary film writer-producer-director

3:50pm - 4:00PM  Networking Break

4:00PM - 4:45PM  Panel 2: New Media Influencers and The Age of Superbrands
Mobile self-expression livestreaming has exploded in China. What was once an exclusive platform for online influencers has become mainstream. While brands have quickly identified the trend and are jumping on the bandwagon, it’s important to be strategic about which platforms they choose to stream on. Although livestreaming provides a steady supply of content, the market has low barriers to entry. Can Hollywood and Silicon Valley play a greater role in content development, user experience, and brand creation? Can more stories and more efficient ways to help media-savvy users shop, live, and save help prepare consumers for a better tomorrow? Listen in on what media savvy-experts are doing in building as we enter the age of digital superbrands.
Humphrey Ho, Managing Director, Hylink Group
Ewan Johnson, Virtual Reality Creative Director, DMG Entertainment
Allen Lu, Producer of LinsanityThe Official Jeremy Lin DocumentaryFounder of social enterprises TLMade and EPAMade
Vivian Wang, Sasson Capital Holdings (Moderator)

4:45PM - 5:30PM  Panel 3: The Investor View 
Investors in Digital Media and Entertainment - AR, VR, Monetization and Platforms
Michael Chang, SVP of Corporate Development, NCSoft West
Edward Chyau, Managing Partner, Mesh Ventures
Brady Forrest, Co-founder, Highway1
Alex Marinier, Associate, DCM Ventures
Jacob Mullins, Principal, Shasta Ventures
Norman Liang, Venture Partner, WI Harper (Moderator)

5:30PM    Closing Remarks





Hear from best-in-class leaders who will share their insights into the advancement of new media and their thoughts on the next generation of products and technologies.  
We look forward to seeing you there!



Stay tuned for updates on event details including speaker line-up!  For sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, please email to hello@aamasv.com

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