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Founded in 1979, Asia America MultiTechnology Association (AAMA), formerly known as Asian American Manufacturers Association, is Silicon Valley’s largest and most established non-profit organization dedicated to the Asia American high-tech community. Having deep roots and a wide reach in the local Silicon Valley community and across Pacific Rim countries, as well as a proven track record of success as a Silicon Valley-based organization, AAMA expanded into Asia by launching chapters in Beijing and other major cities.


Come hear the story behind the world’s largest seed fund –fueled by CSC’s $400M with the AngelList ecosystem.
AAMA Silicon Valley invites you to get the “behind the scenes” insights from Tom Cole, Managing Director of CSC and Ming Yeh, Co-Founder of CSC Upshot , on their perspectives on AngelList and their investment strategy supporting the hottest startups in Silicon Valley and China.

“CSC Upshot is about Chinese LPs expanding globally to compete in a way that gets them exposure at the very earliest stage”, says Naval Ravikant, co-founder, AngelList. The rise of crowdfunding has accelerated the launch and funding of startups and global investors such as China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group, China’s 3rd largest private equity fund, are stimulating the global investment phenomenon.
AAMA anticipates a SOLD OUT event, so please register by November 30, as space is limited!