[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Turning Crisis into Opportunity - Smart Cinema Hits Warp Speed


Turning Crisis into Opportunity - Smart Cinema Hits Warp Speed

In a world changed by COVID-19, we must innovate for a new reality. What does this look like in practice? How are businesses meeting shifts in demand?

Our next webinar, “Turning Crisis into Opportunity — Smart Cinema Hits Warp Speed, explores one company’s response. Dr. Jack Q. Gao, founding partner and CEO of Smart Cinema, will discuss how Smart Cinema quickly stepped up to serve billions amid the pandemic and offer perspective on moving forward. Join us May 27!


We may not have noticed yet. The worldwide pandemic has permanently changed the world. I had a feeling when China was shutdown in last January that we can't go back to normal anymore and have to take the new ways to live. By accepting the situation for what it is and owning the solution, we may be able to control, at least, some of the outcomes more effectively. Coronavirus negatively impacted almost of all entertainment and sport businesses whose models depend upon large crowds. Tens of thousands of the movie theatres in China, with the expectation to generate $1.5 billion box-office during the Chinese New Year Golden Week, were suddenly closed and billons of the people were strictly locked inside their homes for months. I took no doubt that this crisis would considerably accelerate the consumer's lifestyle transitions from the "physical" to the "mobile" and our startup SMART CINEMA (Mobile Movie Theatre), a direct-to-consumer mobile platform devoted to exhibit theatrically released movies, should step up and play much bigger roles to serve the demands. As of today, Smart Cinema has screened almost 500 new theatrical films and extended its services from Greater China to North America and South Korea. I do like what Andy Grove said: "Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them." and have busily been preparing for the days after Covid-19.

转危为机 - 移动电影院因势利导顺势而为 

很多人也许还没有意识到,这次疫情正在地改变着世界。我们左右不了眼前的事实但需要换个明天的活法。生活中总会有不幸的事情发生。当不幸降临的时候,我们如何看待它会直接决定我们的行为。选择积极而不是消极抱怨,转危为机。“居家令”的突然到来让所有“聚集性”的文体娱乐产业陷入了被动,给电影行业带来了沉重的一击,项目搁浅影片撤档院线关闭。仅仅中国在春节假期周损失的电影票房就有近百亿人民币。毫无疑问,现在的“宅经济”一定会大幅度地加速人们的生活方式从“传统线下”到“移动线上”的转移。诞生于2018年,以智能手机为院线电影放映平台的移动电影院及时地在中国和北美推出公益观影服务,成为在疫情期间唯一全天候运营的电影院,让无数居家隔离的观众在家里通过手机或投屏和在线上亲朋好友们一起欣赏院线大片,共渡难关。到目前为止,移动电影院已经放映了近500部在院线窗口期上市的新电影。我本人特别喜欢安迪.格罗夫的名言:“面对突如其来的危机,坏的公司被摧毁了,好的公司可以生存下来,伟大的公司将因此而进一步提升。” 我们在积极地探索和尝试,准备面对疫情之后的新世界。


Dr. Jack Q. GAO

Dr. Gao is Founding Partner and CEO of “Smart Cinema”, a direct-to-consumer mobile platform devoting to exhibit theatrically released movies in Greater China, North America and South Korea.

During 2015-2017, Dr. Gao was CEO of International Investments and Operations, Wanda Cultural Industry Group and also Interim CEO of Legendary Entertainment in Hollywood during 2017.  

Previously, Dr. Gao was Senior Vice President for News Corporation and Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (NYSE: NWS, 2006~2014) and CEO, NWS China Investments as well as CEO, Star TV China Co. 

Earlier, Dr. Gao was President of Microsoft China (NASDAQ: MSFT), General Partner of Walden International and Corporate Vice President and President of Emerging Geographies for Autodesk Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK).

Today, Dr. Gao is on the board of AGTech (HKEX: 08279) and AsiaInfo (HKEX: 01675). Previously Dr. Gao was on the AFI (American Film Institute) Board of Trustees and also the board director of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AMC), Legendary Entertainment, France’s EuropaCity, British Sunseeker International, Switzerland Infront Sports & Media AG, World Triathlon Corporation and Phoenix Satellite TV Holding Ltd. (HKEX: 02008). Dr. Gao is on Variety500, an index of the 500 most influential business leaders shaping the global $2 trillion entertainment industry in 2018 and also named by The Hollywood Reporter as Most Powerful People in Entertainment in both 2016 and 2017. Dr. Gao received Year Achievement Award from The Asia America MultiTechnology Association (AAMA) in 2019.

Dr. Gao graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology and the University of California, Los Angeles with B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Engineering and has been Adjunct Professor at Business School of Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2011.

高群耀博士 (Jack Gao 


2015年至2017年,高群耀博士在万达文化集团担任集团高级副总裁兼国际事业部首席执行官。全面负责文化集团海外战略资产的收购(投资规模百余亿美元)和运营(欧美员工五万余人),其中包括好莱坞传奇娱乐影业公司,全球最大电影院线AMC 娱乐公司(NYSE:AMC),巴黎欧洲城项目,万达青岛影视产业园和英国圣汐豪华游艇公司等。高博士在2017年同时兼任好莱坞传奇娱乐影业公司CEO 


在过去二十年期间里,高群耀博士曾任微软中国有限公司 (NASDAQMSFT)总裁兼总经理,欧特克公司(NASDAQADSK)全球副总裁兼亚洲最大发展地区总裁, MSC/PDA 航天软件公司亚洲区经理和哈尔滨工业大学工程力学助理教授等职务。




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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] In Conversation with Golden Globe and Emmy-Award Winning Hollywood Producer Janet Yang


Janet Yang, Founder and President of Janet Yang Productions, is an award-winning Hollywood producer whose film and TV credits include The Joy Luck Club, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Dark Matter, Zero Effect, Shanghai Calling, and High Crimes.  Janet won a Golden Globe and Emmy for her HBO film, Indictment: The McMartin Trial.  She began her career distributing Chinese films in North America and was brought to Hollywood in the 1980’s where she successfully brokered the first sale of Hollywood movies to China since 1949.  She got her start in production working in Shanghai with Steven Spielberg on Empire of the Sun in 1987.  Most recently, Yang served as an executive producer for the acclaimed documentary film Documented, written and directed by journalist Jose Antonio Vargas.  

Join us June 10, to hear Janet tell us her inspirational story, which includes being named one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Hollywood, and discuss her upcoming projects!


Wednesday, June 10, 2020 | 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Guest Speaker:

Janet Yang, Founder and President, Janet Yang Productions; Golden Globe and Emmy-Award Winning Hollywood Producer

Moderated by:

Norman Liang, Co-President, AAMA Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley Bank
Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, San Francisco
The Center for Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship | School of Management and Economics | The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
This webinar is available in the following languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Registration Fee: Complimentary




Featured Speaker:

Janet Yang

A Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning Hollywood producer with deep roots in China, Janet Yang has worked with some of the most formidable directors and actors in the world. She came to prominence through her collaboration with Steven Spielberg on Empire of the Sun (Warner Bros). That was followed by a long partnership with multiple Academy Award-winner Oliver Stone—where she served as Executive Producer on the iconic The Joy Luck Club (Disney), and as a Producer on the Golden Globe-winning The People vs. Larry Flynt (Columbia Pictures).  

She is currently in production on an animated feature based on her original story inspired by the Chinese moon goddess. Iconic animator Glen Keane directs the movie for Netflix and Pearl Studios.  

Among her many other credits are: the Sundance award-winning Dark Matter with Meryl Streep and Chinese star, Liu Ye; The Weight of Water (Lions Gate) directed by Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow; Fox’s High Crimes with Morgan Freeman; a Chinese adaptation of the acclaimed Disney franchise High School Musical; and cult favorites Zero Effect, by Jake Kasdan, and Shanghai Calling with China Film Group.

Yang has been named one of the “50 Most Powerful Women in Hollywood” by the Hollywood Reporter.

Yang began her career by running the first distribution company to market Chinese films into North America. She also brokered the reintroduction of American cinema to the Chinese marketplace on behalf of several studios after a decades-long hiatus.

Committed to fostering global understanding, Yang has been a long-standing member of the Committee of 100, and an advisory board member of Asia Society Southern California where he chairs its highly regarded US-ASIA ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT as well as its nascent AWE: Asian Women Empowered Initiative. She is also a co-founder of #GoldHouse, a leading group of Asians in tech, media and entertainment.

Yang was recently named a Governor of the Academy of Motion Pictures, and serves on a number of its committees.

Yang has been featured in The New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Variety, South China Morning Post, Harper’s Bazaar, as well as on numerous television and radio shows across the US and Asia such as CCTV and Beijing TV. She is frequently asked to consult on projects and sought after for public speaking engagements.

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Yang holds a B.A. from Brown University in Chinese studies and an M.B.A. from Columbia University.

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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] A Conversation with LIP-BU TAN


As we navigate unprecedented times, our conversation with the global community continues. Join us July 8 for a discussion with Lip-Bu Tan, CEO of Cadence Design Systems, Chairman of Walden International, and Founding Managing Partner of WRVI Capital.  He will offer insight on what’s ahead for tech companies, startups and VCs in Silicon Valley, focusing on topics such as:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global tech sector supply chain
  • Semiconductor industry outlook and tech trends
  • How investment landscape has changed for tech companies in Silicon Valley and Asia
  • Advice for startups and entrepreneurs, and finding strength and resilience through a crisis

Join us for meaningful conversations as we welcome industry luminary Lip-Bu Tan to share his perspectives on the state of the industry and what’s in store for 2020 and beyond.


Lip-Bu Tan
CEO, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.;
Founder and Chairman, Walden International;
Founding Managing Partner, WRVI Capital
Allison M. Leopold Tilley
Partner, Silicon Valley



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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] China Internet Report 2020 by Edith Yeung


About China Internet Report 2020

The China Internet Report is back!  Race Capital General Partner and 500 Startups Advisor Edith Yeung will give us the latest update on the most important statistics and technology trends in China in 2020.

China has emerged on the world stage with many global tech giants that are super innovative and competitive. And increasingly, their successes are being studied and replicated the Western World. This report, informed by on-the-ground reporting by South China Morning Post and Edith Yeung, offers insights into the latest China’s technology trends shaping the world’s biggest internet community.

Last Year's Report:



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We are excited to announce that AAMA has partnered with the US Census Bureau to support the 2020 Census! As a partner, we’ll be working to ensure that our community is accurately represented. To learn about the upcoming census, visit


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