About Us

Founded in 1979, Asia America MultiTechnology Association (AAMA), formerly known as Asian American Manufacturers Association, is the largest pan-Asian technology association in the world.

AAMA aims to accelerate ideas and best-in-class collaboration, resulting in successful business ventures throughout the Asia-Pacific region and global economy. 

With a network of 10,000+ leading executives, stakeholders and investors from over 2,000 companies and chapters throughout Asia and the U.S., AAMA’s roster represents a diverse and influential spectrum of technology industries, including AR/VR, robotics, internet, wireless, telecommunications, multimedia/gaming, semiconductor, software, hardware, electronics and biotech/genomics, life sciences and healthcare, as well as leading financial and professional services experts integral to high-tech development. 

Through its diverse programs ranging from Corporate Venture Capital Roundtables to Speakers Series to annual Silicon Valley-Asia Technology Conferences, AAMA provides a forum in which members can network, exchange ideas and share resources.

AAMA’s global presence includes chapters in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong/Pearl River Delta and Taiwan. Each chapter hosts local events to promote regional business relationships and works closely with the Silicon Valley headquarters to ensure members have access to global information and benefits.

AAMA Mission and Milestones